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Why work with Philiy?

Philiy Lander’s combination of knowledge and passion for her craft supports teams and leaders to create self-improvement for a better workflow. Understanding and approachable, Philiy enthuses people, helping to break barriers to change to facilitate greater personal and business development.

Philiy is a gifted trainer, agilist, facilitator and professional coach, this combination allows her to imbue organisations with new skills but also the ability for real and lasting positive change.

As an ICF Associate Certified Coach, ICAgile Authorised Instructor (ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC) and Training From the Back of the Room Trainer, Philiy has the expertise to make a difference amongst the people of an organisation. Further qualifications including Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Professional Agility in the Enterprise & Agility Health Facilitator, mean Philiy brings an overall more holistic skillset to make a difference to you & your organisation.

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Philiy speaking at a conference

Public Speaking

Always interested to talk about her subject, Philiy has spoken at meetups and conferences around the world. Please make contact if you would like to collaborate.

In Person

Philiy travelled to Edinburgh to help her audience 'Transform their meetings from Pointless to Productive'.

Online Webinar

Philiy and Ben host a webinar helping people to improve their facilitation in an online environment.


Philiy // The Agile Coach & Trainer

In Conversation

Watch Philiy talk about industry issues in the Agile World on her YouTube Channel.

Philiy // The Agile Coach & Trainer

Personal Journey

Philiy shares her journey in 2019; Living in New York, returning to the UK and starting a new company.

Philiy // The Agile Coach & Trainer

Agile Coach Support

You've been set up with a new team, now what? Watch to find out the steps Philiy takes next to help you in your Agile journey with your team.

Women In Agile - London

Philiy is heavily involved in the Agile community, attending conferences as well as creating and running Meetups in both New York and London. Time spent with the leaders of the organisation, Women in Agile, during a year working in New York inspired Philiy to help promote the cause of women in the Tech community.

In Autumn 2019, Philiy founded the Women in Agile - London Meetup Group.

Here are excerpts of this group in action.

Women in Agile Podcast Logo

Making Work Suck a Little Less

People spend most of their working lives at work, and Philiy Lander thinks that “It really shouldn’t suck.” Listen as she shares a story of working with a very difficult leader that helped her grow in terms of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

WIA-London: Latest Video

Catch up with Women in Agile - London on Youtube. See the latest release from our growing community.

WIA-London: First Year Anniversary

It's the first year anniversary talks for Women in Agile - London. Now with over 1000 members in our Meetup group.

What others say about Philiy

  • Person 2 Profile Image
    Kristine K.
    User Experience Researcher
    Win Technologies

    I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Philly. Both her and I worked together as part of a team that is the backbone back office system in the company, a team with great potential, but fragile motivation levels, a team that had been through a very rough time. Philly has been the catalyst of the teams success; she is very passionate yet humble, a true servant-leader.

  • Person 1 Profile Image
    Alia Shafir

    I’ve worked with Philiy over the last couple of years at Bloomberg where she expertly coached and trained a variety of teams through the process of trying to deliver great software to clients. She has the rare gift of knowing when to apply practical solutions and when to share more theoretical knowledge with her teams. Every time I approached her for advice, she quickly knew how to get the heart of my issue and offered several ideas to help me move forward. Philiy is an outstanding trainer and executive coach and any team would be lucky to have her on their side.

  • Person 3 Profile Image
    George DeMet
    Founder & CEO

    I took two back-to-back Agile training workshops from Philiy over five days, and it was a fantastic experience. Philiy is incredibly gifted at helping her trainees not only understand complex subjects in an approachable and engaging manner but also provides them with the tools needed to apply them to their work through hands-on exercises.